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Twin Falls is a Nude Retreat - we are not clothing optional... (*unless it is cold)


All visitors are required to be Covid19 aware and exercise social distancing and hygene... If you are unwell you must not make a booking or attend our retreat. Our retreat will operate with enhanced health and hygiene protocols across all aspects of our operations to ensure the health and safety of all guests and us! To safeguard our community, please do not plan to travel to Twin Falls Naturist Retreat within 21 days of arriving from an active COVID-19 Hotspot, feeling unwell, being diagnosed with Coronavirus, or having been in close contact with a diagnosed case of Coronavirus or have recently been jabbed.

Medical Privacy

Under the Federal Privacy Act 1988 we have no business knowing your business! ie: if you have been jabbed or not. Our only concern would be if you have recently jabbed then you should not be travelling…

twin falls naturist retreat for your next nakation Contact Ian and Yolanda...

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Phone: (Phone Hours - 9am to 6pm Australian Eastern Standard or Daylight Savings Time - no Later!)
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         ellenborough, state of new south wales,
         the commonwealth of australia

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