common questions and answers...!

We get all sorts of questions when people ring up / email!
Here are some of the more common ones...

Q. How many people do you get there?

A. This varies enormously, sometimes you may have the place to yourselves and other times maybe 4-5 couples/ families/ singles, etc. If your main reason is coming here just to meet people then you probably have the wrong place!

Q. We are a couple that are into partner swapping, is this the place for us?

A. No! We are a family orientated retreat and do not promote partner swapping or swinging.

Q. Do we get single females?

A. Yes and well no. Generally, they will be accompanied by 'someone'. However, we have to say that a nature retreat (of any description) is not just for meeting a 'single female' (or male for that matter) this place is here for people to be at one with nature. If your main reason is coming here just to meet people then you probably have the wrong place!

Q. What's the weather like?

A. Like anywhere these days it is quite changeable. You can always ring first if you like, as we are not on the coast, Port Macquarie can be having a rainy day while it can be sunny here and vice-a-versa. Winter is COLD overnight with usually pleasant sunny days with temperatures often in the mid-twenties. Homestay (Bed and Breakfast or Rustic cabin) visitors will appreciate our slow-combustion heater!

Q. Are singles allowed?

A. We allow genuine Naturists/Nudists here. We do not disciminate just because you happen to be 'single'. Hey , everybody was single sometime! Mind you, in-appropriate behaviour means you will be asked to leave... Please Note: Singles who have not previously stayed here, may be required to supply a reference from another Naturist place or be a member of the ANF/ INF before staying at our B&B.

Q. Guy problems - what if I get an erection?

A. Generally this does not happen by its own accord! However, if you feel you may have the occasional problem arrising - carry a towel and sit down quietly somewhere. There is no excuse to go 'parading' around with an erection and if you do you will be asked to leave the premises.

Q. What if we are first timers? (!)

A. Whilst Twin Falls is a 'nude' venue, we do not mind if you need to take your time to get comfortable with going nude. However, as mentioned, being a nude retreat, it is expected that at some point all guests are to be nude. This also means no sarongs! See below!

Q. Is Twin Falls Clothing Optional?

A. No. Twin Falls is a Nude Retreat. We do insist that no clothing of any kind is worn. ie Nude! (There are plenty of Textile places around for that!) If you really have a desire to wear clothing you have come to the wrong place! Of course if it is cold, common sense dictates what clothing you would wear.

Q. What is my partner is not a Nudist/ Naturist?

A. Unfortunately as we are a Nude retreat we cannot help you much in this area. Our suggestion is to try getting your partner to go naked around the house and in your backyard if it is private and you wont be on public show. When your partner is comfortable with that you could then arrange a quiet day visit where your partner may be more likely to give the lifestyle a try.

Q. Can I take pictures?

A. Naturally you can take pictures of yourselves and any scenery. However, you must ensure that no other people are visible in your picture, unless you have prior permission from all the people concerned.

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