common questions and answers...!

We get all sorts of questions when people ring up / email! - Here are some of the more common ones...

Q. Can we cancel bookings due to weather?

A. Twin Falls is an accommodation provider, when you make a booking for Bed and Breakfast, Rustic Cabin or the Chalet, please have reasonable expectations - that is, you are booking only accommodation - not the weather (or anything else...) - just like "textile" accommodation providers, we do not make refunds if you cancel within 7days of your booking's date* or change your mind due to inclement weather. As much as we would love perfect weather all the time you should plan for "dud" days!

Q. Can my car get into Twin Falls?

A. The answer to that is most likely - providing it is not too low! There are a few areas that are bumpy and we have several hills - there is 3km of dirt track to get here. If you take care most vehicles can safely get to Twin Falls - the exception is caravans - they must be towed by a 4wd.

Q. We are a couple that are into partner swapping, is this the place for us?

A. NO! We are a family orientated rainforest / bush retreat and do not promote partner swapping (or swinging). Soliciting here will get you permanently evicted. Basically expected behaviour is the same as for a textile facility.

Q. We like to party and stay up late...

A. Twin Falls does have parties and functions that occasionally run late, however, normally, there is a "curfew" for noise for the entire facility - that is normally around 11pm. After 11pm all guests are asked to respect that other guests are not here to hear them make noise, etc. This also includes any music, etc, it must not be loud enough to disturb other guests or indeed us!

Q. Where is Twin falls?

A. Twin falls is in the "Hinterland" of the Mid North Coast of new south wales, about an hour West of Port macquarie or approx 40km West of Wauchope near Ellenborough. For our guests privacy and security we do not give out directions until a booking is made. Notably the google maps marker is not set at Twin Falls!

Q. Can I bring a pet?

A. Unfortunately as we are also a Wildlife Refuge we cannot accept any pets.

Q. How many people do you get there?

A. This varies enormously, sometimes you may have the place to yourselves and other times maybe 4-5 couples/ families/ singles, etc. If your main reason is coming here just to meet people then you probably have the wrong place!

Q. What happens upon arrival at the retreat?

A. Once you arrive at our gate briefly press the button on the back of the post to sound a siren so we can come and greet you and let you in the gate! You can disrobe at your vehicle if you wish or wait to you get to your choice of accommodation. A valid photo Id is required for registration and Covid19 tracing requirements upon entry. If you are having a day visit you would pay the day fee at this point as well. We will then show you around and if your camping allocate you a spot. Then its about being free to enjoy our bush retreat!

Q. What do I need to bring ?

A. You need to bring your own food, drinks, and personal items such as sunblock, etc. Alcohol is permitted in moderation. A towel is essential for sitting on chairs for hygiene reasons. A torch is very helpful on dark moonless nights. Personal insect repellant is also a good idea.

Q. How do we book our nakation?

A. Currently you can ring up and make a booking or easier is to send us an email and we can send you a booking form link. Just like textile accomodation we cannot accept or confirm any booking without a valid credit card or a deposit for the number of nights stay you require. Likewise, we do not email directions until a booking is confirmed.

Q. Do you have air conditioning?

A. There is no air conditioning in the B&B or Rustic Cottage as we are environmentally friendly. Mostly as a nudist venue it is not normally a problem. We do have a wood heater in the B&B and Rustic Cottage for when it gets cold.

Q. Why are you more expensive than a caravan park.

A. A textile caravan park has guests virtually all year round. We have to maintain our facilities all year round even though they are only mostly used in Summer. Notably you cannot go naked at a caravan park!

Q. If I book the rustic cottage can I sublet the 2nd room?

A. No. Whilst you are booking the whole cottage that only includes one bedroom unless you are also booking the second. Bookings are provided on the basis that you cannot sublet the second room (unless it is part of your initial booking) - as all booking requests must be through reception.

Q. Are you near a beach?

A. The nearest beaches are in Port Macquarie, unfortunately, there is no longer a nudist friendly beach (Miners beach) which is approximately an hour East of Twin Falls. There are also many day trips available to local tourist attractions such as Ellenborough Falls and so on.

Q. Can I take pictures or bring a drone?

A. Naturally you can take pictures of yourselves and any scenery. However, you must ensure that no other people are visible in your picture, unless you have prior permission from all the people concerned. Absolutely no Recreational or Commercial Drone / Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) or any other forms of aerial photography / video / surveillance are permitted here.

Q. Do we get single females?

A. Yes and well no. Generally, they will be accompanied by 'someone'. However, we have to say that a nature retreat (of any description) is not just for meeting a 'single female' (or male for that matter) this place is here for people to be at one with nature. If your main reason is coming here just to meet people then you probably have the wrong place!

Q. What's the weather like?

A. Like anywhere these days it is quite changeable. As we are not on the coast, Port Macquarie can be having a rainy day while it can be sunny here and vice-a-versa. Winter is COLD overnight with usually pleasant sunny days with temperatures often in the mid-twenties. Homestay (Bed and Breakfast or Rustic cottage) visitors will appreciate our slow-combustion heater! Please note that we are on the great dividing range - (approx 200meters above sea level) and it can get cold overnight at any time of year!

Q. Are singles allowed?

A. We allow all genuine Naturists/Nudists here. We do not disciminate just because you happen to be 'single'. Hey, everybody was single sometime! Mind you, in-appropriate behaviour means you will be asked to leave... Basically expected behaviour is the same as for a textile facility.

Q. Are gays allowed?

A. We allow all genuine Naturists/Nudists here. We do not disciminate just because you are 'gay'. Basically expected behaviour is the same as for a textile facility.

Q. Guy problems - what if I get an erection?

A. Generally this does not happen by its own accord! However, if you feel you may have the occasional problem arrising - carry a towel and sit down quietly somewhere until it subsides... There is no excuse to go 'parading' around with an erection and if you do you will be asked to leave the premises.

Q. What if we are first timers? (!)

A. Whilst Twin Falls is a 'nude' venue, we do not mind if you need to take your time to get comfortable with going nude. However, as mentioned, being a nude retreat, it is expected that at some point all guests are to be nude. This also means no sarongs! See below!

Q. Is Twin Falls Clothing Optional?

A. No. Twin Falls is a Nude Retreat. We do insist that no clothing of any kind is worn. ie Nude! (There are plenty of Textile places around for that!) If you really have a desire to wear clothing you have come to the wrong place! Of course if it is cold, common sense dictates what clothing you would wear.

Q. What is my partner is not a Nudist/ Naturist?

A. Unfortunately as we are a Nude retreat we cannot help you much in this area. Our suggestion is to try getting your partner to go naked around the house and in your backyard if it is private and you wont be on public show. When your partner is comfortable with that you could then arrange a quiet day visit where your partner may be more likely to give the lifestyle a try.

Q. Can I get to Twin Falls on a motor bike?

A. The answer to that is - maybe! We have had motor bikes at Twin Falls, however, you must be pretty comfortable riding on a dirt track and navigating several steep hills. As with any road it is at your own risk. We only permit road registered bikes - trail bikes and so on are not permitted to be used at Twin Falls.

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