Your Naturist Accommodation

Twin Falls has several accomodation and budget options for your upcoming Nakation or visit! (Click the name or image below for more information). A minimum 2 night booking normally applies to Rustic cottage or Chalet / Lillyvan bookings on Long weekends / public holidays. If you are thinking of making a booking, please have reasonable expectations - that is, you are booking only accommodation - not the weather (or anything else...!). Various payment options are available - Cash, Direct Deposit and EFTPOS (plus 2% transaction fee).

Twin Falls is a nude retreat and we are NOT clothing optional*. (Unless it is cold!)

Changes to Twin Falls CV Policy

Linen : Please bring your own top and bottom sheets / pillow slips, towels for the accommodation you are booking, due to CV cleaning issues - we normally no longer lease linen.

Meals : With our current Covid policy - we no longer provide any meals for guests. Please bring enough food, consumables, etc, so that you are self sufficient during your stay.

Arival and Departures : Twin Falls is contact free. Please remember this when greeting us or other guests as well as appropriate social distancing.

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twin falls naturist chalet - on site van for your next nudist holiday
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twin falls naturist retreat day visitor
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