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  •  Please Note : All visitors are required to be Covid19 aware and exercise social distancing and hygene...
  •  If you are unwell you must not make a booking or attend our retreat. We are currently not accepting ANY bookings from the Sydney region.
  •  Our retreat will operate with enhanced health and hygiene protocols across all aspects of our operations to ensure the health and safety of all guests and staff.
  •  To safeguard our community, please do not plan to travel to our Retreat within 21 days of arriving from an active COVID-19 Hotspot, feeling unwell, being diagnosed with Coronavirus, or having been in close contact with a diagnosed case of Coronavirus.
  •  This also applies if you recently have a cold or have had a flu vaccine injection - as you are contagious for up to 3 weeks.
  •  We require a current photo ID on arrival for registration and CV tracking purposes.

    Best Regards, Ian and Yolanda

  • Twin Falls has several accomodation options for your upcoming Nakation or visit! (Click the name or image below for more information). A minimum 2 night booking normally applies to B&B / Rustic cottage or Chalet bookings on Long weekends / public holidays. If you are thinking of making a booking, please have reasonable expectations - that is, you are booking only accommodation - not the weather (or anything else...!). Twin Falls is a nude retreat and we are NOT clothing optional*. (Unless it is cold!)

    twin falls naturist bed and breakfast for your next vacation

    twin falls naturist rustic nude cabin for your next vacation

    twin falls naturist chaket - on site van for your next nudist holiday

    twin falls camping nakations

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