Twin Falls - Day Visits for Naturists

A day visit at Twin Falls is by arrangement. A day visit experience can start around 10am and you get to use our facilities such as the barn and the poolzone, go on our walks (approx 2km of nude bush walking!) and so on. A day visit concludes at around 4pm.

Bookings are essential - as we do not allow people to just turn up! (We make no guarantee of availability for same day bookings...)

NB: We normally do not cater for children under 5 years of age nor can you bring any pets. Day visitor parking is at the barn - please do not occupy a campsite parking spot.

Meals : With our current Covid policy - we no longer provide any meals for guests. Please bring enough food, consumables, etc, so that you are self sufficient during your stay.

Day Fees: 1 person $30, 2 persons $35, Family $40 (2 Adults + 2 kids between 5-17 years)

Various payment options are available - Cash, Direct Deposit and EFTPOS (plus 2% transaction fee).

Click here for Naturist Day Visitor Bookings.

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