Twin Falls - Guest Indemnity Statement

Guest Indemnity Statement (This is a repeat of that found on the bottom of the terms page)

Twin Falls is a private property held in Fee Simple Title (Be aware that Common Laws rights are recinded at our property gate) and guests staying here are by invitation only. Although all care is taken, no responsibility is accepted and as such all guests take their own "duty of care". Once your booking has been accepted and you are also deemed to have accepted the indemnity statement below:

"Twin Falls is a rural property. Slip, trip and other hazards and hazardous conditions are present on this property. You are soley responsible for your own well being and any personal property that you bring onto our property and that you agree that negligence cannot be apportioned to the owners or operators of Twin Falls under any circumstances." If you do not agree to this indemnity statement - do not proceed with your booking.

Upon booking this indemnity statement forms a lawful agreement between you and I&Y Strawbridge.

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